Lifecycle monitoring.

Projected replacement costs.

Documentation portal.

Contractors and operation managers have created a way to maintain equipment records and make historical data easily accessible. Contractors use the data to refer back while managers use it to look forward.

Assisted by contractors

Have all equipment profiles registered and professionally managed for asset management and service purposes. Equipment Profile will help operators, contractors, and managers to see the status of all equipment and plan upcoming services without disturbing the daily operation.

Upload, edit, export and monitor brine analysis, gas calibration, rink inspection and many other reports. Never again loose or struggle to find the requested report during a safety audit.

Post, buy and sell equipment in the community marketplace. Different than traditional trading platforms, you are not only provided with standard information such as photos, data placard, run hours, year of installation and a short product description, but also receive all service related history automatically synchronized with the contractor logbook.

Identifying information and statistics.


Photos of manufacturer data plates. 

Upload and access gas and other reports.


Stay current with overhaul tracking & projections.

Track when equipment needs to be replaced.

Syncs with logbook entires in real-time.

Organizes and presents each equipment profile in a way that is easy to use.

Locate exactly the content to need.

Questions & Answers;

How do contractors access the contractor logbook?
You look for the QR code on the vestibule door that leads into the machine room, scan it and login to the contractor logbook. If you are not registered yet, ask the facility manager to provide you with the contractor login and password.

Do I need to scan a QR code everytime for access?
No. Scan it once and save it as a shortcut or bookmark on your devices.

Can I edit past logbook entries?
No, but you can attach comment to a past entry.